Easter Holidays

In Discovery RE we explore the festival of Easter

How do Christians celebrate Easter?

Click the link to find out more information about this celebration.


Time to talk- What do know about these pictures and how do they relate to Easter?

See the source image

Why don’t you make some tasty Easter nests?


What festivals do you celebrate?

Draw a picture of a festival you celebrate. What special things happen during your festival?

Why not go on an Easter Egg hunt either at home or on this game?


Easter also represents new life and new beginnings. Watch this film!

What animals do you know? Do you know what their babies are called? Do you know where they live?

Story Time- Peter Rabbit Easter Special

Have a great Easter break! Keep sharing your learning and make sure you have lots of fun!

Journey to Space (Day 4)

Start with a song

Don’t forget to write a comment or send pictures to the Interactive Learning Diary. I love seeing all the exciting home learning things you are doing!

Can you countdown with this rocket challenge?


Please practise the letters in your child’s name first. If confident try these letters next, s-a-t-p-i-n. The hardest formation is the anticlockwise motion which consists of letters a/s/o/c/d/f/g/q/. Or rather than write on the screen why not put some salt onto a plate or tray and your child writes in the salt.


pencil box salt tray for alphabet letter writing practice - Fun Ways to Practice Letter Formation & Writing Letters of the Alphabet #alphabet #handwriting

Imagine you were an astronaut in space and you met an alien. What would happen next?

Draw a picture and tell your adult your ideas. Will you make a friendly story, an exciting story or a scary story?

Astronaut and alien scene - Download Free Vectors, Clipart ...

Don’t forget to write your name and label your picture if you are using your phonics.

Easier Phonics Game


Trickier Phonics Game


There are two ways to play this game

Easier Version

Adult to use a robot voice and the child to hear the sounds said and orally blend these sounds to choose the correct object.

Harder Version

The child to say as many sounds as they can recognise and maybe have a little support for unfamiliar sounds. The child to choose the correct picture.

Creative Learning

Challenge: Create a space rocket! How will you make it?

Story Time ‘If I were an astronaut!’

This story is told from space by an astronaut! How exciting!

Time to Talk

What would you rather ‘ A journey to space or to stay at home with your family?’ Remember there are no right or wrong answers as long as you have a ‘because’!

My journey to space (day 3)

What do astronauts do?


Moving in space

Time to write

Draw a picture of you either launching into space or moving about in space. Remember to use your triangle grip on your pencil. Add lots of details on your picture. Label what you can. How do you feel?





Make sure you give a because!


Astronauts do lots of experiments. Nursery children like to investigate too! Try some activities exploring gravity here. Some are easier than others to carry out. Make sure your child talks about what they can see happening!

Astronauts control computers. Coding is the ability to communicate orders to computers. Try this coding game!


a trickier game can be found on LGFL busy things/ nursery/ technology- Helicopter Rescue. You will need your LGFL login for this game it is attached to your folder, alternatively phone school for your login details.

Story Time ‘Roaring Rockets’

Journey to Space (Day 2) Number Recognition

Let’s start with a song. Can you record how many men are in the flying saucer and how many have zoomed away? Explain your ideas.

More Maths Here

Easiest number game

A harder maths game

Hardest Game

Make moon rocks out of tin foil or scrap paper. Throw them into a bucket! Record your score!

Record using tally lines or write numbers. Who got the biggest/ smallest score?How many more or how many fewer did you score? What is the difference in amounts?

Play a board game with a number dice/or a card game such as snap. What numbers are recognised by your child?

Story Time from Space

Final Challenge

Go on a number hunt around your house, where did you find numbers? What is your favourite number and why? Ask your family what their favourite number is?

Journey to Space

We may be stuck in our homes at the moment but we can use our imaginations to go anywhere we want. So lets go on a space journey….10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!!!

PE (Physical Education)

Let’s find out some space facts

I want to be an astronaut!

Creative Play

Time to use your imagination. Build a space rocket. Put on your space suit, graity boots and helmet. Can you countdown from 10…….Blast Off!! What will happen next!


1) Why don’t you draw a picture of your exciting journey, upload it to the Interactive Learning Diary.

2) Write your name on your work.

3) If you are beginning to use your letter sounds label your pictures, use your robot voice to help you hear as many sounds as possible. (Note to parents these labels do not have to be spelt correctly, we just want the children to have a go and link letters to sounds. Some sounds are easier to hear than others such as s/t/p/d/k-c/f so they may only hear one or two and that’s fine;)



Home activity

Write some big numbers on paper 1 – 10, hide them around the house, let your child go on a number hunt.

1) Find each separate number

2) Order them into a number line

3) Can your child start at 10 and jump backwards to blast off at number 1!

Story Time

Friday 27th March 2020 Creativity/ Personal, Social & Emotional Development

On Fridays we focus on artistic and social skills. Today you will see a range of activities to support this area of learning. Have lots of fun and don’t forget to make comments on the comment box so that I know this blog is meeting your needs.

Also inside your school pack you will find your LGFL log in which gives access to lots of games to play. If you have not got your pack please phone the school office for your logins.

Kind regards

Ms Grieve

Start with a dance and a song!

Make up your own dance to this sea shanty

Tate Kids paint program

Can you make a pirate boat out of junk modelling, put a picture on the interactive learning diary.

How to Make a Toy Boat From Recycled Material : 17 Steps (with ...

If you don’t want to make a boat, choose something else to create. I look forward to seeing your models.

Make some gorgeous music here!


Lets practise some rhythms.

Work with an adult, have a pot and a spoon each, pretend its your drum.

Can you make rhythms on your drum?

See if you can copy each others rhythms as well as join in and play together. Can you keep in time?

Social & Emotional Learning

To support you child with their social skills encourage them to discuss their feelings. Check out this website for more ideas.

Story Time

How about choosing your favourite story and telling it to your adult. Try to use voices like the storyteller to make your story exciting, use you imagination and have fun.

Have a happy and safe weekend Nursery class!

Thursday 26th March (Literacy Day)

Today we will focus on speaking & listening, reading writing and phonics. We have two age brackets in our class some children will be leaving nursery in July others have another year so here are a range of activities, some easier and some harder.

Lets start with some rhyme!

Get your listening skills working here. If the word rhymes continue to do the action, if it doesn’t rhyme, ‘FREEZE’!

Can you think of your own rhymes?

Here’s some rhyming games you can play at home.


This online game is fun!

See the source image

Story Time- How I became a Pirate

by Melinda Long

Questions to support your child’s reading skills

Vocabulary -Can you remember any pirate words?

Inference– Why didn’t the boys parents see the pirates coming?

Prediction– Before the story gets to the end pause it and ask your child what will happen at the end of the story?

Explanation– Explain why the pirates are good or bad characters, give a reason for your ideas.

Synopsis– Retell the story in your own words.


Pause the story at your favourite part and draw a picture of the scene. Include as many details as possible. Think about the shape of the objects you are drawing. Can you write your name on your work?

Use this phonics card to help you label your picture if you know some of your letter sounds.

Talking Time


Would you rather be a Pirate or a Superhero, why?