Growing up healthy!

Monday – Physical Day

Fine Motor Skills

Please see the worksheet. Can you practice using scissors. this work sheet will help you.

Crocodile Fingers

PE- Gross Motor Skills

Cosmic Yoga

Storytime- Titch

Tuesday – Literacy Day-Communication

-Can you make a sentence that starts with

When I was a baby I liked to…….but now I am big I like to….. Can your child think of different ideas. Look at old photos to help.

Phonics -Rhythm & Rhyme

5 rhythm challenge

Can your child learn these rhymes off by heart.

Songs- Can you learn 5 to complete they rhyme challenge?


What will you do when you grow up?

Philosophy for Children- (P4C) Would you rather questions


Wednesday -Maths Day

Positional Language

Can you make a fruit and veg skewer. Can you put five items on your skewer?

See the source image

Thursday- The World

Complete the sequencing sheet.

What other things grow?

Talk to your family about your ideas.


Who was in the story?

Where did the story take place?

What happened in the story?

Why did Oliver keep digging in the garden?

Friday- Creative & PSED

Can you make a picture using these cut out fruit?

My Family

We will be learning about our families this week. Talk about who is in your family at home.

Monday- Physical Day

Fine Motor Skills

Challenge 1– Can you make marks on paper? What type of marks do you make?


Level 1
Random marks next step-
try and form a circle.
Level 2
Drawing circles and lines, next step- can you now make a face.
Level 3
Drawing faces next step- can you draw your family, and try to write the first letter of your name or your whole name! How many details can you add to your picture?
See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image
See the source image

Gross Motor Skills

Cosmic Yoga


Watch our focused story here

See the source image

Can you choose your favourite character to draw

Can you answer these questions?

Who is in the story?

Where are they?

What are they doing?

Why are they waiting for dad?


Wednesday- Maths Day

How many people are in your family? Can you draw them? How many? Let’s count. Show the number on your fingers!

See the source image

Thursday- The World

People & Communities- Special People

Home Challenge- Can you take a photo of your child doing something special with your family?


Image result for fungooms

Explore this website for some fun games!

Friday -Creative Day

Take a photo of your family members

Can you see them in the frame? Is it a good picture?

See the source image


Homework if you would like it

Final Fabulous Friday

Let’s start with a song

I wonder how you will spend your time in the summer holidays….Elmo might give you some ideas!

Let’s Dance and Celebrate-How about some school songs? If you have older brothers and sisters you will know these songs! You will find the links on Year 4’s Blog thanks Ms Arnett!

If you want to party some more try these songs and dances

White Rose Maths

Time to say goodbye!

What an amazing class you have been. We will be welcoming some of you back in September and some of you will be going to Reception. Two lovely children are leaving our school forever. We will miss you so much! Wishing you great happiness in your new schools.

From the Nursery Team!

See the source image

Presenting Class of 2019 to 2020

Print of a copy of our class picture here!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Some useful websites for the summer holidays!
PBS Kids – Range of games
All Ages/ All topics
Fungooms- Range of games all agesRange of games
All ages
White Rose Maths- Revisit as yound children need repetition when learning new skills.Phonics games- Target phase 1, if your child has letter sounds try phase 2 although this is normally started in Reception class.A range of games targeting lots of different skills.
Sesame Street -Range of games/ videos/ art for young childrenCbeebies -Games & programmes from 0-6You have to use your login details to play on this site.
Lots of art activities online and at home to tryNature Activities to exploreWhack a mole maths game-
sequencing number
phonics pop choose your focused letters
Starfall- range of games
Dr Seuss games

Top Thursday

Can you create your own rhyme for this song with these animals




White Rose Maths -Animal Legs

If your child can recognise the sound and is beginning to link them to letters, can you hide the screen and give your child their phonics card to help them to match the sound to the letter. Can they identify the sound just by listening! It’s a challenge!

Develop pencil control by staying in the lines

Story Time

Marvellous Monday


Choose one of the pictures from the story ‘Oi get off my train’ add as much detail as possible. If you have chalk please use that to colour your picture, otherwise use any colours that you have at home. Use the same colours if possible.

Choose your favourite picture to draw!

PE -Traffic Lights

Cut three circles from coloured paper and hold them up or shout out commands.

You can adapt the game with less commands it is up to you.

Green Go (Run)

Red (Stop)

AmberYellow (Jog on the spot)

Bridge (Make a bridge with your body)

Speed bumps (Jump up and Down)

Roundabout (turn around in a circle) Please keep safe don’t make yourselves dizzy

Reverse (Carefully moving backwards)

Throwing & Catching Challenges


Maths Time

Guess my rule is a great game to recognise patterns, choose items with common characteristics such as colour, size, attributes and create a pattern. Can your child guess that pattern?


Wild Animals Day 5

In Harmony Music session

Let’s make some music

Personal & Social Learning

Art & Design

Create a pattern art piece in the style of ‘Tinga Tinga stories! It will need a pattern border and your animal will need a pattern too! There is lots of mathematics in this art piece. You can use magazines, scraps of paper, card to create your pattern. Remember we are trying to reuse and recycle, it’s a real challenge!

Wild Animals Day 4

Let’s start with a song

Phonics Phase 1 easier game

Phase 1 oral blending & segmenting , children need this skills before they can read or write simple words.

Phonics Phase 2

Blending & Segmenting

pause it to give your child time to work out the word.

Tricky words- For children with some phonics sounds


Draw the picture, if you know your letter sounds segment the word to hear as many sounds as possible.

Maths & Literacy

Handwriting patterns!

Story Time

How did this story make you feel!

There is an animation to watch if you choose to. Although the imagery is quite powerful!