World Book Day! Thursday 4th March

Parents –

1) Here is some advice to make your story telling really exciting.

2) Don’t forget to use your voucher!

3) Take a photo of you sharing a book with your child and send it in!

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Let’s get started – Julia Donaldson is one of our favourite authors in nursery most of her characters go on a journey! We are going to explore her this World Book Day!

Look at us in our live lesson-

We talked about our favourite book, we had to guess the character hiding in the Witch’s cauldron, we sang songs and listened to Room on the Broom! What fun!

Watch Julia Donaldson act out one of our favourite stories- The Gruffalo

What about a Gruffalo Yoga session

Let’s Get Making

Why not make a mask or a model of one of these stories, send your pictures in!

Make your own stickman

Superworm – read the story here!

Superworm (

Why not make your own characters out of dough

Room on the Broom

Watch the story below! Why not mix your own magic potions! Use anything in your cupboards!

Or cook your own Gruffalo Crumble, Scrambled Snake, Owl Ice-Cream or Roasted Fox! Ooooohhhh Yummy!

Writing & drawing activity- Draw your favourite story character and your favourite part in the story. Try and colour it the right colour. Why is it your favourite?

This book does not have to be a Julia Donaldson book. Send your pictures to the ILD so I can see what your favourite story is.

Philosophy 4 Children

Imagine in the woods there was a huge picnic of the Julia Donaldson story characters. Now use the story dice, can you argue why the character you turn on the dice should be allowed to attend the picnic. Even if they are a bad character, can you find a positive reason? Or will you say that they can’t go? You can print the dice here!

See your favourite stories really brought to life stories on iPlayer!

BBC iPlayer – Julia Donaldson

Room on a broom animation

World Book Day Assembly

I wonder who this is, reading these special stories………Mr Fielder it’s you! We are so lucky!

Luna loves library day

The day the crayons quit

It’s our celebration assembly today! Who are our superstar learners?

Remember online learning finishes today and we have an inset tomorrow to get ready to see you all back in school on Monday……Hooray!!!!!!!

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Have a lovely weekend Nursery!

Wednesday 3rd March- Maths and Investigation Day

Don’t forget to wear a costume to today’s Google Meet session and bring your favourite book! It’s World Book Day tomorrow!

Join Zoom Meeting from 10.00 am until 10.30


Let’s write numbers with Ms Grieve

Number Activity

Match the numbered cars to their car park space.

Outside Task

Let’s go and explore the type of vehicles on a road near you.

The World -Forces

Let’s start with a song

Let’s find out more!


Online Game

Hero Elementary . Push Pull Puzzles | PBS KIDS

Explore this push and pull activity here!

Outside Activity- Go to the playground and see what equipment you push and what equipment you pull. What happens if you push or pull with more ‘force’?

See the source image

Story Time

Monday 1st March- Physical Day


Main Activity – you will need a scarf and some small toys to step over!

Outside challenge

This week challenge yourself, see if you can walk forwards, backwards and sideways. How do you keep yourself safe? Can you walk a pathway in a different direction?

This will give you an idea of how to move in a pathway!

Cool Down- World Book Day is this week- Julia Donaldson is a nursery favourite-Explore Room on the Broom, yoga style!

Fine Motor Skills

This week you are going to work on making a vehicle out of junk modelling materials. It may take time to complete this project and that is fine! Sometimes it’s good to revisit and work on an activity for a few days.

Step 1 – Decide what vehicle you are going to make, then research the one you want to make so you know what it looks like.

Step 2-Draw your design. Or write a list of what your model will need.

Ms Grieve will help with that right here!

Step 3- Raid your recycling bin for items to make your model. What will you use for windows, doors?

Step 4- How will you join it together, we often find masking tape works well at nursery.

Step 5- Can you paint it?

Step 6- Send a picture into the interactive learning diary, we want to see your models.

Outside Task- Exploring Spring! Have a look at the things you spotted last week, can you see any changes? Draw a picture of something that is growing now, as today is the first day of Spring!

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Story Time

Friday -Local Journeys- Creative Ideas!

Dance exercise session!

Music – Walking on my street! With Mrs Wright

Walking on my street (

Play this emotion and music game with Daniel Tiger!

Why not use your imagination again and play this game of shops!

(Imaginative play is so important, it develops children’s language skills, creativity and story telling! Have a go!)

See the source image

Have at least 10 items to buy and an imaginative till, some coins. What type of shop would you have a toy shop, a sweetshop or a supermarket? Make sure you write shopping lists and a receipt. The rule needs to be you can only buy three items, with three coins. What would you buy?

Art & Design

Time to draw or paint! This week we are going to work or drawing a vehicle, its a challenge. Try the sketching sheets first to develop your confidence.

Let’s celebrate our successes, it’s assembly time

PSED Time -Health & Safety Training

Road Safety

Road safety is so important when you go on any journey! Make sure you cross roads in a safe place and look out for sneaky driveways!

When you go outside tell your adult what you remember and make sure you follow all the road safety rules!

Hygiene Focus- This term we are revisiting handwashing- learn more here!

See the source image

Squeaky clean (

Story Time

Let’s sing Peppa’s song and watch what she learns about handwashing!

Have a lovely weekend Nursery!

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Thursday -Our worlds- Local Journeys/ Shopping/ Keeping Healthy/

Exercise Time

We live in London- What journeys have you had? Or where would you like to go? Have you seen any of these places before?

Activity- Watch Ms Grieve share her favourite journey!

Draw a picture of somewhere you like to go! How do you travel there, do you walk, drive, cycle, take a bus, or tube. Draw this in your picture! Why do you like going to this place!

Cooking Task

In nursery this term we normally focus on cooking. It is a fantastic way for nursery children to try new foods and learn the importance of hygiene and healthy eating.

Remember first

The BBC Food Website has lots of friendly kids recipes to explore!

Easy recipes for kids – BBC Food

To support this topic we also encourage children to think about healthy eating, healthy choices!

Let’s write a healthy shopping list! Alternatively if you do not know your letter sounds. Draw your own list. What would you like to buy?

Natural Thinkers – Lets go outside!

As a natural thinkers school our children will be learning about and exploring planting and growing food to cook! How exciting! This is also time to explore Spring!

Go on a journey into your garden, or to the park, or any green space! Have a look in the flower beds! Make sure you look carefully. Are they plants still sleeping for winter or do you notice some buds on the plants and some flowers emerging out of the ground! It is the very beginning of Spring so it might be hard to see but it’s great to investigate. Take a photo if you discover anything!

Come Outside- Daffodils


This term we are learning coding with the Beebots. They are controlled by pressing the direction button the number of times that you want it to move. Then you need to press go. Before you move it again make sure you clear your previous go. Explore this here! Take your Beebot around the community!

Bee Bot - Programmable Floor Robot (Rechargeable)

Bee-Bot Online (

Visit Busy Things, try the games pinned to the nursery page!

Story Time – Explore these Spring poems with Ms Grieve

Wednesday 3rd – Maths Day

Don’t forget today is our online lesson click the link below. We really want to see you there! Your child will need a pencil and some paper.

  Join Zoom Meeting from 10.00 am until 10.30

Let’s start with a song

Exercise to 10

Today’s focus is money! What is money for? Sometimes adults use money to buy things in shops, sometimes they use cards! Have you got any coins at home? Go and get them and have a look!

Let’s get counting with Ms Grieve

Circle Group-

Squares & Pentagons-

Maths activity

See the source image

What numbers have you got? Can you sort them? Can you sort them another way?

Now look at the numbers, can you recognise any?

Which coin do you like the most and why?

What do you like to buy? What does your family like to buy?

Remember when you finish with the coins it’s time to wash your hands just like Peppa Pig!

Computing games to support learning

Toy Shop Money Game (GBP) – 4 to 11 year olds – Topmarks

Work on 1p up to 10p but remember matching amounts is tricky so I would not expect nursery children to go beyond 5.

Coins Game for 4-10 year olds (

On this game choose the sorting option, with one coin.

Outside Maths

We are looking at environmental print this week. When you go outside please see what numbers you find on your journey, where were they? Take a notebook with you and record your ideas!

See the source image


Have a look at the coins again. Play the heads/tails game!

Story Time

Tuesday 23rd February- Local Journeys

Let’s start with a song – Use your fingers to hold the correct count of currant buns.

As an extra challenge, pause the song at each point, can you work out how many pennies are in the till?

Maths – Recording Amounts with Ms Grieve

Exercise and rhyme time-

Let’s learn about rhyme!

Exploring Rhyme

Circles Group– Here is the rhyme challenge that we are working on this term. How many do you know all the way through?

Can your adult sing and you identify the rhyming word at the end of the line like

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great ——

Recognising Rhyme

This group needs to begin to hear the similarities in words. In this game they need to find the matching sounds. Do not move onto a new sound until your child hears the rhyme. Start with the ‘at’ rhyme.

Cake Bake (

Do not move onto the challenge task until you can play this game with greater confidence.

Rhyme Challenge

This is tricky but to achieve this challenge, children need to not only hear the rhyme but generate their own rhymes. Play this memory game to help them hear rhymes, when they find a pair can they generate another rhyming word that sounds the same, it can be a real or a fake word, as long as it has the same sounds. For example they find ‘cat & bat’- it rhymes they might say ‘sat or lat’ to continue the rhyming string.

Watch Ms Grieve play it here!

Or cut out these rhyming strips to make your game.

Reading – Environmental Print- Have a look at the slideshow. How many signs do you recognise? When you go out for a walk, find 5 signs on your journey. Take a photo, send it in to the interactive learning journey so that we can share even more signs.

Reading – If you are not sure what group you are go to the interactive learning diary, your activity will be there.


Find a box in the recycle bin , cut it into four or five pieces, can you join it together again?

Rubies- Cut your box into 8 or 9 pieces, join it back together! Do you recognise any letters on the box, do you remember any of their sounds?

Emeralds- To develop own decoding skills explore this book.

  1. Look at the picture first, what is happening, talk about it.
  2. Point to the word. Say the sounds. Make the sounds long.
  3. Can you hear what the word is?

Writing- Don’t forget your pencil grip!

Circles – Can you draw these signs & logos that focus on circles and lines?

Rubies and Emeralds

Have a look at the logos we looked at earlier. I want both groups to draw three of their favourite logos. Just have a go! It doesn’t have to be perfect. I would like to know what logos you can read.

Story Time

After each explanation pause and chat to your adult. Is she telling the truth. How did you come to that decision? Give a ‘because’ in a whole sentence!

P4C (Philosophy for Children)

In the story there are a few lies told, was the girl trying to tell a lie to be unkind? Listen to Spot & Stripe think about lies in more detail?

Our new topic is journeys!

Introduction with Ms Grieve

Let’s start with a song

How do you want to travel

5 Currant Buns with Ms Grieve – Let’s do some maths!

P.E -This term we have a gymnastics focus we will be making pathways and think about moving in different directions.

Warm up

Main Focus

Cool Down -Cosmic Yoga Adventure ‘Nelson’s Pidgeon’

Fine Motor Skills Time

Circle Group– Choose at least one animal to draw. Write the first letter of your name. Look at the shapes of the animals, what features have they got? For example the elephant has a long trunk.

Rubies – Draw the picture below, include as many details as possible. Write all the letters in your name.

Emeralds Drawing the picture above -write your name and try and hear the dominant sounds in your labels. Say the object name really slowly, how many sounds can you hear? It does not have to be spelt correctly, I just want you to have a go!

Outside Challenge- Go for a local walk! It will give you time to talk! What do you see? Where do you like to go?

See the source image

When you go out for a walk, have a chat, think about all the places you go with your parents are they close or are they far away? How do you travel? We will explore this more later?

Health and Self Care

See the source image

How are your dressing skills? By the time you go to Reception class it is really important to develop your dressing skills. This week work really hard on your

-Coat- Can you do your zip- Can you pull your sleeves through if they are stuck?

-Shoes and socks

If these are ‘easy peasy’, work on your jumper! If it’s inside out can you pull it the right way through?

Story Time

Can you remember what the boy had to buy?

Can you remember what animals he met?

How were the animals behaving?

If someone was unkind to you what could you do?

Friday 12th February Safer Internet Week and Tales from around the world

Let’s start with a song on our last day of term!

Time to exercise

Activity 1 – Time for Music with Ms Abbie

Activity 2- You can make your own music on Busy Things on LGFL or try the music games on PBS Kids.

Music can express how we feel.

Feel the Music | Daniel Tiger | PBS KIDS

I want you to find a really good picture of your favourite character and see if you can create him/ her/ it by cutting out shapes that are similar.

Time to celebrate our successes what our assembly here!

Activity 3 – Let’s explore our imagination like the little girl in this story. What do you like to pretend to be? What props can you be imaginative with? (just like the hijaab in the story)?

Activity 4- Creativity time-How will you explore your creativity today?

See the source image

Option 1 – Show someone you love them and create a valentine picture or card for them.

Option 2 – Make a ‘Smartie the Penguin’ to remind you about internet safety.

See the source image

Option 3– Paint or draw a scene from your favourite traditional tale! Spend time on it. Fill the page, colour it carefully!

See the source image

Option 4– Complete a shape sculpture, you will need strips of colour paper

See the source image

Before we break up for the holidays, lets revisit our focus on Safer Internet Week!

What have you learnt about internet safety, make a poster to tell your friends and family how to keep safe!

Story Time with a rhyming book!

Or how about a new spin on an old story? Goldilocks (an internet safety story) – A more challenging story!

It is half term next week!

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