Terrific Tuesday

Counting Song

Counting with animal zoo

Counting Legs

Connect the dots animal online game- Play this fun game by following this link!


Look at these animal pictures, can you create an interesting sentence about each picture?

Story Time

Marvellous Monday


Choose one of the pictures from the story ‘Oi get off my train’ add as much detail as possible. If you have chalk please use that to colour your picture, otherwise use any colours that you have at home. Use the same colours if possible.

Choose your favourite picture to draw!

PE -Traffic Lights

Cut three circles from coloured paper and hold them up or shout out commands.

You can adapt the game with less commands it is up to you.

Green Go (Run)

Red (Stop)

AmberYellow (Jog on the spot)

Bridge (Make a bridge with your body)

Speed bumps (Jump up and Down)

Roundabout (turn around in a circle) Please keep safe don’t make yourselves dizzy

Reverse (Carefully moving backwards)

Throwing & Catching Challenges


Maths Time

Guess my rule is a great game to recognise patterns, choose items with common characteristics such as colour, size, attributes and create a pattern. Can your child guess that pattern?


Wild Animals Day 5

In Harmony Music session


Let’s make some music

Personal & Social Learning

Art & Design

Create a pattern art piece in the style of ‘Tinga Tinga stories! It will need a pattern border and your animal will need a pattern too! There is lots of mathematics in this art piece. You can use magazines, scraps of paper, card to create your pattern. Remember we are trying to reuse and recycle, it’s a real challenge!

Wild Animals Day 4

Let’s start with a song

Phonics Phase 1 easier game

Phase 1 oral blending & segmenting , children need this skills before they can read or write simple words.

Phonics Phase 2

Blending & Segmenting

pause it to give your child time to work out the word.

Tricky words- For children with some phonics sounds


Draw the picture, if you know your letter sounds segment the word to hear as many sounds as possible.

Maths & Literacy

Handwriting patterns!

Story Time

How did this story make you feel!

There is an animation to watch if you choose to. Although the imagery is quite powerful!

Wild Animals Day 3

Let’s start with a song- Endangered Animal Theme!

Endangered Animals means that these animals are at risk of becoming extinct. Which means they will not be alive anymore.

If you were to write a poster to protect the world what would you want to say. Use this template to create it. It might be helpful to research about your animal you are writing about. Also watch the story, it might support you.

Internet Safety

Maths- Pattern

What type of pattern will you create? Please send it into us on the interactive learning diary.


If you were to write a poster to protect the world what would you want to say. Use this template to create it.

Wild Animals Day 2

Why are animal patterns important in nature?

Tell your adults what you have learnt about camouflage.

White Rose Maths – Creative Maths

Create a pattern using objects at home or natural objects on your walks!

Patterns needs to be explored in variety of contexts, try these games to support it!

Drawing and writing task

Quick draw challenge

Draw the different animals, what shape are they, look carefully at the pattern can you copy it? Talk about the pattern. What does it look like? What is it similar to?

How about making some gorgeous music from around the world?


Wild Animals Day 1


Continue working on your football and throwing skills. Lets target a new game, bat and ball or balloon. Encourage good looking and hitting back to the person they play with.


Choose an image that you would like to draw, add as many details and patterns to your picture. Colour it in the correct colours, you have to do really good looking. Write you name and if you know phonics write as many labels as possible.

Health & Self Care

Children that are going to be leaving Nursery, to go to Reception need to be working on their independence skills, especially dressing and undressing. Can you do your shoes, socks, trousers, t-shirt and jumper. Can you turn your clothes the right way if they are inside out. It’s a challenge! Have a practice you’ll get better and better each week!

Maths- Pattern

Go on a pattern hunt, what can you find!

Story Time

Day 5 Funky Friday

Can you tell your family a time when you felt






Music Time


Find your login details on the Interactive Learning Diary

Creative Time

Choose an endangered animal you want to create. This picture will take a few sessions to complete. You have to fill the page with your animal as well as with colour. Do not rush your art, take your time!

Endangered animal art ...Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-keep' literacy tools fun teaching stuff :)

Maths Time

Easier Game

Harder Game

Science- Classifying animals

Can you sort the animals?

Story Time- Giraffes can’t dance

Why where the animals mean to Gerald?

What did Gerald do?

What would you do if you saw someone finding something hard to do?

What was your favourite dance?

If you feel worried, try this mindfulness session?

Day 4 Thoughtful Thursday

Let’s start with a song

What does ‘endangered’ mean?

We learnt that dinosaurs became extinct, which means that they are no longer on the earth. Now there are lots of animals that are endangered, which means that could become extinct. We really need to think about how we can work together to protect our creatures and our world.

Writing Time

Choose an endangered animal and discover why it is at risk of becoming extinct.



Maths Time

Share out the sweets amongst your toys, is it fair?

Read 'The Doorbell Rang' by Pat Hutchins, before completing a practical activity on division concepts (",)

Story Time- Oi get off my train

What animals got on the train?

Did the boy go on a journey or was it a dream?

Why did the animals want to go on the train?

Do you think that some animals are finding it difficult to live in the world?

Can you remember the word that means some animals are at risk of becoming extinct?

Draw one of the animals on the sketchpad


Day 3

Let’s start with a song

P4C How do these pictures make you feel? What would you like to do about this?

Creative Challenge

Create a sea collage that shows a wonderful clean ocean! How many recycled objects can you use?

Upload your collage onto the ILD

Computing -Fair Shares Maths Games


Story Time